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Welcome to Rude Wax Melts

We supply Novelty and rude wax melts for any occasion.

Our products are all hand made with quick delivery.

Check out our range of wax melts below.

We have willy wax melts, Bum wax melts, Christmas wax melts, Halloween wax melts plus many more.

All wax melts have a nice choice of fragrances to choose from.

Rude Willy Wax Melts (£2.99)

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Novelty Bum/Bottom Wax Melts (£2.99)

Listed In bum-wax-melts

Willy And Bottom Wax Melts (£4.50)

Listed In willy-and-bum-wax-melts

Rude Wax Melt Gift Sets (£15.00)

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Halloween Rude wax Melts (£3.50)

Listed In halloween-wax-melts

Rude Christmas Wax Melts (£3.50)

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Rude Favour bags (£0.99)

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Rude Halloween willy Wax Melts (£3.25)

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